Making the Most of Opportunity
by Martin Cohn

What do you and the Newton Needham Chamber of Commerce have in common with nine Irishman who lived more than 150 years ago. A lot! Read on....

In the Young Irish Disorders (1848) the following men were captured, tried and convicted of treason against Her Majesty: John Mitchell, Morris Lyene, Pat Donohue, Thomas McGee, Charles Duffy, Thomas Meagher, Richard O'Gorman, Terrence McManus and Michael Ireland.

Before passing sentence, the judge asked if anyone wanted to speak. Meagher, speaking for all, said, "My Lord, this is our first offense but not our last. If you will be easy with us this once, we promise on our word as gentlemen to try to do better next time. And next time, surely we won't get caught." Thereupon, the indignant judge sentenced them to be hanged, drawn and quartered. Protest from around the world forced Queen Victoria to commute their sentence and all were banished to the wilds of Australia.

In 1874, Queen Victoria was astounded to learn the new Prime Minister of Australia, Sir Charles Duffy, was the same Charles Duffy she had banished, 25 years before. She demanded to know the fate of the rest of the prisoners and received the following report:

Thomas Meagher: Governor of Montana
Terrance McManus: Brigadier General, US Army
Patrick Donohue: Brigadier General, US Army
Richard O'Gorman: Governor of Newfoundland
Morris Lyene: Attorney General of Australia, succeeded in office byMichael Ireland.
Thomas McGee: Member of Parliament and President of Council, Montreal, Canada
John Mitchell: New York politician, father of John P. Mitchell who was mayor of New York at the start of World War I.

Obviously these men made the most of opportunity. Your opportunity to reach new prospects and customers in here now! Make the most of it by becoming involved in community organizations like the Newton Needham Chamber of Commerce.